Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Party like it's 1929

Has it occurred to any of you (or is it just me) that "the Reagan Revolution" and its various sequels, spinoffs, anon have rolled back much of the progress this country enjoyed since FDR (PBUH)? And that our current media mess in not unlike the days of Hearstian "Yellow Journalism"? And have you wondered why we, as a nation, are so blitheringly stupid that we forget the suffering our forebears endured at the hands of the rich and shameless; that is, once we have bread and circuses sufficient to keep us amused (and fat)? And are you as amazed as I am that this bunch of intellectually lazy layabouts known collectively as "the American PEOPLE" thinks that it is "NUMBER ONE!!!"? More like number 40 (or thereabouts, in infant mortality, life expectancy...)

WAKE UP, MOTHER FUCKERS! You have nothing to lose but the crap that builds up in the corners of your eyes while you sleep. (DAMN YOU, SANDMAN!)