Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Why Dick Cohen should STFU

America's payback for civil rights is over 10% of young black men in jail. And yet Little Dick Cohen seizes on that statistic as an excuse to channel the barely discorporated soul of Billy Buckley.

Richard Cohen - Taking the Call on Black Men - washingtonpost.com
It is a subtle but pernicious form of racism to turn one's back on this problem and not face what is happening to young black men -- and even to young black women. It is a subtle but pernicious form of racism not to recognize that a kind of cultural malignancy has taken root in parts of the African American underclass -- not, by any means, in black America in general. It takes a cold indifference not to notice that lives are being wasted and that, really, the only difference between the perp and his victim is timing. Soon the former will be the latter. Count on it.
Hey, some of my best friends are nigg.. color... negr... bla... African Americans! Yeah, that's it! That's the ticket! So long as they keep a respectful distance - culturally speaking, that is. They are, after all, an underclass.

Ah, would Dick Cohen but read the writings of "Yid-friendly" Germans pre-Hitler, he would find precisely the same sentiments there, sentiments that would eventually be extrapolated to their logical conclusion by the Nazis. My Jewish ancestors will say no Kaddish for Conehead when he passes. And my African ancestors (a bit further back) will shake their heads in disbelief that a man with enough talent to have a column in the Post could be so shallow when it comes to things that really matter.

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