Monday, September 01, 2008


Let me help hasten the decline in civil political rhetoric with a bit of anger and vitriol...

No, asshole, the GOP - the party whose convention your former boss will address - and their right-wing surrogates on FOX, on the radio, and in print are the ones who have driven the decline in "civil political rhetoric" (if there ever was such a thing to begin with). And your sanctimonious prick of a former boss aided and abetted that decline when he self-righteously excoriated his party's sitting President, calling for him to step down for a FUCKING BLOWJOB, fer crissakes. Then he swaps spit with the worst president ever, a man who - more than anyone else in American history- actually deserves impeachment and removal from office. And just in case your memory has failed you, the bloggers' candidate, Ned Lamont, actually WON in 2006, but Joe's ego would have none of it, so he ran as an independent. His victory in the general election was that of an unprincipled Quisling as he blatantly lied and pandered to the GOP; THEIR votes, not Democratic votes, were what enabled him to beat the man who had beaten him. He then betrayed those Democrats who were foolish enough to believe his campaign rhetoric regarding Iraq by becoming the biggest fucking cheerleader for the war in Congress.

Joe Lieberman may have once cared for what was best for the country; unfortunately, he now only cares about Joe Lieberman. His "political journey" has been one not of selflessness but of self-interest and self-aggrandizement. It's time for the Democrats to put him out to pasture.

My Old Boss, the Man Dems Love to Loathe -
While the Internet has had many positive effects on the political process -- most notably this election season, when Sen. Barack Obama has used it to raise millions of dollars from small donors -- the anger and vitriol that too often characterize the politics of the online community have had much to do with the decline in civil political rhetoric. Because elected officials feel compelled to cater to one side, and its online echo chamber, they all too often say only what their online world wants to hear.

That's a difficult thing to do when you're Joe Lieberman, a man who doesn't fit into anyone's neat categories. As a result, in recent weeks, he has found himself attacked by both the liberal blog DailyKos and the conservative talk-show host Rush Limbaugh. Not only is this brand of politics shrill, it's also ineffective. As is almost always the case, the bloggers' candidate lost the general election in 2006, and Sen. Lieberman was reelected by a substantial majority.
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